Emulsion book by Mark Noble
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Emulsion book by Mark Noble

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Mark Noble –from Ride UK magazine's personal pics from his journey through BMX from 87 to 2004-when they sold the magazine. Featuring the People, Places, and Events that helped shape the UK BMX scene. You want the real deal BMX this is the book for you, from the collapse of BMX when only the dedicated remained right through to the resurrection and beyond. There are no Raleigh burners in this one!

This book covers a unique era in BMX. Right now, both BMX racing and freestyle are globally renowned sports with official Olympic stamps of approval. The eighties were BMX-Beat-Kelloggs-fueled craze days of Burners and Supergooses and planks on bricks, with your plastic wheels in the freezer – innocent times. Whereas the nineties was arguably the most influential decade for us all. Gone were the eighties aesthetics and utterly lame bikes and products of the early days of BMX, for the nineties were all about us riders taking over and making it happen.
Riders giving a shit and running the events, starting the bike companies, designing the products, inventing the tricks, digging the jumps, building the ramps, running the magazines, filming the videos—real riders making a real change: by riders for riders.
I was lucky enough to be there with camera in hand and documented the lot – I photographed anything and everything that caught my eye: all for the BMX magazines of the time.
And so, to cut a long story short, this book features my own favourite photographs of BMX from the best years of making magazines that helped inform and inspire a whole generation of BMX riders: FreestyleBMX, Invert, and RideBMX (UK).
• 288 large-format pages + Covers
• Over 800 photos
• Hardback
• Dustcover
• Printed on 170gsm FSC satin art paper
• Page size – 325mm tall, 232mm wide (12.9" tall, 9.1" wide)
• Printed in Wales
• All film photos (no digital)
• Some photos featured in the magazines, some never published before...
• Plus words from Tim March, Effraim Catlow, Simon Tabron, Zach Shaw, Stuart Dawkins, Jim Dirt, Steve Bancroft, John Buultjens, Chris Noble, Ross Milne, Will Smyth, Paul Roberts, Owain Clegg and Dorset MIND.
• Designed by Chris Noble
• Hand-numbered, Limited Edition of 250 copies.
• A percentage of the profits will go towards Dorset MIND mental health charity