RideNow 42g TPU Inner tube - 20" x 1.9" - 2.5"

RideNow 42g TPU Inner tube - 20" x 1.9" - 2.5"

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RideNow TPU Innertube - 20" x 1.9" - 2.5"

Over the past few years there's been a growing trend for park riders to use TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) innertubes as they are considerably lighter than than regular (Butyl) rubber innertubes. Due to innertubes being 'rotational weight' they can make spinning tricks such as 360's, 720's etc feel much easier.

Many riders, upon trying TPU innertubes and feeling the positive difference that they make to their riding refuse to use heavier Butyl rubber tubes again.

Although the weight on the packaging for the RideNow innertubes is stated as 48 grams we have personally weighed them and they are closer to 42 grams. When compared to a regular 1.75" - 2.2" Butyl rubber tube at approximately 137 grams this makes a considerable saving.